Shed Plans 10×12 Garden Shed

Why build a 10X12 Shed?

shed plans 10x12

Often, there is a need to remove excess items from within the house. Most often things that are unable to fit. So the idea of having a sturdy shed is ideal. Building a shed using shed plans 10×12 will give you the extra space you need for storage of your household items that don’t seem to fit anymore. A 10×12 ft shed provides enough storage area that will make a difference in the organization of your home’s interior. Even if your house has ample space that can host most of your belongings and appliances, there is still a need to store your outdoor tools and machines in a place comfortable enough. Your riding mower, your garden hoe and a host of other outdoor tools need to be in a place where they won’t clutter or mess up your arrangement. A 10×12 shed solves a lot of storage problems. Whether you’ve always needed a place to store your outdoor tools or you desire an extra space to rid your home of being overstocked all the time, a shed built from a shed plan 10×12 is an excellent solution for your problems.

Here are some other reasons to build a 10×12 shed:

Room for Workspace: By owning a shed, you will have enough room to create and design. Not only will the shed give you the freedom to build and work, but it will also give you enough room to be creative.

Cleanliness and Order: Less clutter means spaces are easy to clean and maintain. With a shed, you can have less junk in your home. With most of the garden equipment, lawnmowers, and bikes in the shed, you can arrange your home to your taste. A shed means fewer loads, which translates to less stress and more time to relax. When you have some free time, look up plans for sheds 10×12.

Home Value: In case you choose to sell your house, a storage shed will add more value to your home. Anyone looking to buy a house will be attracted to a house with a shed because they know it represents more convenience. Extra storage is essential to home buyers giving you the advantage to sell your home faster and at a reasonable price.

Safety: It is vital to keep kids out of harm’s way, especially if you possess power tools, lawn materials, and harmful chemicals. A 10×12 shed will give you the luxury of holding them in one place while your kids and pets can roam around free without you worrying too much.

Easy Access and Organisation: Keeping all your essential tools in one central position can save you the stress of having to find items here and there because you forced them into somewhere in your stuffy indoor storage. The certainty of knowing where something is saves time and energy.

Fun: There is more to sheds than work; it can serve as a fun place for families. A backyard shed can be a place to share hobbies such as gardening or woodworking with your family. It can be a way to get the kids out of the house. With proper planning, you can have a good playground in your shed.

shed plan 10x12

Buying or building a shed both have its advantages and disadvantages that one should be aware of before making the decisions. Those advantages and disadvantages are explained below.

Buying or Building a 10×12 Shed?

Once you have decided to own a 10×12 shed, the next move is either buying or building one. One of these options (buy/build) will land a shed in your home. The question people often ask is, which is the best option?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Building your 10×12 shed

As the builder of the shed and using shed plans 10×12, you have total control over the design and the quality of your storage shed. You know what you need, so you design your shed to suit the purpose. You will also decide the variety of shed materials to use as it suits your needs and your pocket. It is equally cheaper. Building your shed by yourself can save you about 40% since you are only paying for artistry and labor. Additionally, there is room for flexibility. You can decide what feature to add or not since it is not prefabricated.

While you have all the control and freedom of choice, you will have to spend a great deal of time with the builders, and that requires a lot of energy. Building your shed requires a lot of creative control and careful planning. If you are going to develop, you should be able to set enough time. If you don’t have enough time to set apart, it is better to buy.

According to, the national average of building a shed from a shed plan 10×12 is $2,745.

Advantages and disadvantages of buying your shed

If you don’t have time to spend on building a shed, buying is the optimal option. All you need do is set the foundation where it will sit on, and you are good to go. It can be available the day you purchase it or a few days after. Another advantage is that you don’t need additional skills to put them together if you are buying. The most you’re required to do during the assembling is to screw nuts to their holes – which almost everyone can do. The pre-built sheds also have varying designs. You don’t need to worry about features; Select the one you prefer and get it. Lastly, there is a warranty on a prefabricated shed. The supplier will pay for defect or sometimes replacement if any issue comes up during the warranty period. If you build it yourself with plans for sheds 10×12, there is no warranty whatsoever.

One of the significant disadvantages is the price. Not only will you spend more money, but the desire to have creative control over the design you want also is not available. However, just as the money quality relationship states; if you want quality, it can get expensive.

Prices of Pre Fab shed ranges from $2700 – $3600 depending on the material and quality. In general, Vinyl is the most expensive.

Shed Materials List – Pros and Cons

Wood: Aesthetically, wood is a pleasing material to use in building a 10×12 shed but also expensive. Wood sheds need a sturdy foundation which can be a huge task. Woods are also prone to insects, rots, and weather damage. They require protection frequently.

Metal: Metals are cheaper than woods and can resist insects and fire. However, iron tends to rust over time, except if you go for aluminum. The sharp edges mean it is not entirely safe for kids.

Vinyl: Vinyl is undoubtedly the best option because it is durable and stronger than metal, woods, and plastic and can withstand any weather. Being the best comes with a price. Vinyl is the most expensive material for shed construction.

Plastic: Plastic is the cheapest shed material out there. It is lightweight, and it is more robust than the woods. It requires the least maintenance activity. However, it cannot boast of the designs or decorative options of other materials. It is equally susceptible to fire.

plans for shed 10x12

Building your shed from shed plans 10×12

Now that you have decided to build your storage shed, here are some necessary steps that can help you get your shed up and running.

  1. Obtain building department permission: Before you start building your shed, you must go to the local building department and apply for a building permit. You will also need consent from the inland wetlands commission, health department, and the zoning board. The inspector from the building department will check your plans and see if they comply with local and international building codes. With their permission, you can start building using those plans for sheds 10×12.
  2. Start with a solid foundation: Your shed won’t last long if the foundation is not firm enough. The foundation must consist of solid concrete blocks or pressure-treated wood timbers set directly on the ground. Rent a plate compactor to compact the soil for firmness.
  3. Build a Floor frame: The floor frame includes the mudsill, floor joists, and perimeter band joists. Since it is the closest to the ground, it is highly vulnerable to rots. Ensure that your floor frame is made with untreated construction grade lumber.
  4. Roof framing: The trickiest part of a 10×12 shed is often the roof for builders. It requires going over numerous angle cuts. To make this easy assemble the rafters and ceiling joists into roof trusses. They can be raised after and placed on the wall.
  5. Doors and Placement: There are two doors used mainly for sheds; they are hinged and sliding door. The hinged door takes less space, and it will close comfortably. Sliding doors are easier to install and can glide entirely out of the way, but they require an additional wall on either opening. They need these openings for support. There would be enough room for these doors if using a shed plan 10×12.

The idea of having a 10×12 shed inside your compound is an amazing one. It gives you all the space you need to keep materials that don’t fit into the home. However, your storage needs and your pocketbook should be the main decider of what type of material to use. The choice of buying or building is determined by time and cost. Therefore, there is a need to think things through before choosing to buy or build thoroughly. Get that 10×12 shed placed in your back yard and enjoy the freedom of space and room for creative tasks.