Storage shed for your RV

Your RV Can Fit In a Storage Shed If You Chose the Right Plan

Your Caravan or RV is a big investment that yorv storage shedu have made to assure you have a fine vehicle for your family to use each summer. So when the time comes to store it for the winter, you should take some time and care to make sure it will pass the season safely and without damage. There is nothing more disheartening than to open your caravan up in the spring to get it ready for another summer of fun only to find damage that could have been avoided had you invested in a storage shed for that RV to make sure it is as good as new when the next vacation season comes around.

The storage shed for your caravan is a big consideration when you are storing it for the winter. If at all possible, do not just park the unit in the open and let the elements do their worst to it. Remember, this is a valuable part of your family inventory. When you purchase the RV in the first place, that might be time to think about constructing a storage shed facility or look into renting one for the winter. The cost will be hard to accept after sinking so much money in the RV in the first place. But that extra care will result in you getting decades of use out of your RV and maximizing the value of that purchase.

Before you close up the Caravan, be sure you spend some time preparing the interior for storage. Clean out the refrigerator and take out all personal items from the bedrooms or bathrooms that should be stored separately. If you have linens and pillow that you devote to the RV exclusively, take them out and have them professionally cleaned and prepared for storage. Then store them in an enclosed unit with mothballs to discourage pests from damaging those supplies.

A thorough cleaning of the unit will eliminate the potential of bugs or mice getting inside and damaging your RV. Also, drain the water out of the tanks, clean all refuse and elimination storage tanks thoroughly and drain off all fuels from the tanks and blow out the lines so they are dry and ready to pass the winter without a threat of remaining fluids causing damage or corrosion.

As you seal up the Caravan for final storage, make sure there is plenty of ventilation for your shed around the unit. Many people put their RVs under a tarp to keep dust off of the exterior. If you do that, make sure you do not trap air under that tarp with no circulation to prevent dry rot from setting in. Also, winterize the engine and remove and store the battery so it stays charged all winter and is ready to provide service on day one of the new season next spring.

By putting this kind of care into storing this important family possession, you will be pleased when you open that shed facility and begin to open up that Caravan. When the condition of the unit is perfect and there is no damage after months in storage, you should pat yourself on the back because you not only saved yourself a lot of money repairing storage related damage, you will be able to prepare the RV for use much more quickly and have your family out on the road enjoying that Caravan for another summer of travel and fun.