Storage Shed for Furniture

storage shedWe come to rely on our furniture so much that when it is time to have it stored, sometimes it is hard to know where to start.  When you move from one home to the next whether it is across town or across the country, a moving company can pack up your home and take your stuff to the next place and unpack it there.  But if you need to have your furniture stored in a shed, that is another kind of business relationship and it is one that you need to feel good about before you let a lamp or a stool leave your home.

One option is to use a storage shed that simply that you can build yourself.  This is a good option if the amount of furniture you need to store away is not large or if the furniture is not the stuff you need the most but it is furniture you need basically a clean and dry place to store.  Storage sheds are little more than organized sheds so your furniture will not have protection from changes in temperature.  So they are not a great choice if you must store highly valuable pieces such as antiques or musical instruments like your family piano that need a protected environments.

However, storage shed units such as these are good if you just need to store an apartment’s worth of furniture while your college student is home for the summer of if you need to store excess furniture after the passing of a grandparent until you can figure out who should get it or where to sell the furniture.  These kinds of sheds are relatively inexpensive if you build your own shed.  But it is worthwhile to invest in the right size shed that can give you some assurances your furniture will be safe from water damage or theft.

The problem with these basic sheds is that you do all the work of packing up your furniture and moving into and then out of the shed.  When you engage an professional to pack up and store your furniture, you not only take all of that work off of yourself, you take advantage of the skills and training of professionals who know how to take care of fine furniture and to store it in a way that gives you maximum confidence.

It is good to gain that confidence before you engage any furniture storage shed.  Don’t be shy to inspect their facilities and interview them to be sure they are able to deliver on their promise of high quality care for your furniture.  They should be bonded and insured so there is no question that if there is damage, they are good for it.  But moreover, their reputation for taking perfect care of your precious pieces should be impeccable.  Insurance is no comfort if a family heirloom that has been treasured for generations is damaged or lost while being stored.  So make sure they can take as good or better care of your furniture as you would and you will select a storage company and you will be happy with and use again when the need arises.