How to Build a Shed Step by Step

how to build a shed step by step

Have you finally came to the decision to build a wooden storage or garden shed? Here a few tips to get you started on how to build a shed step by step.

While most folks have already decided that a wooden storage shed could be a necessary addition to their back yard, several more folks have procrastinated because they feel that they just can’t do it on their own or they don’t have the extra funds to hire someone to build the shed. While some do have the talents to construct their own storage shed, many of them have the tendency to postpone the construction because they feel the end product might not meet their standards.

The most important tip is having a detailed shed plan that you can follow step by step. This would be the best way to have a problem-free building project. A detailed shed building plan takes out the guesswork while you’re doing the project saving you, your money, time and effort. Also, before you even truly begin to construct your storage shed, you may be able to purchase and prepare all the materials ahead of time by studying the easy to follow shed building plans. Plus you’ll be able to develop a decent timeframe and figure out step by step instructions on how to build your shed.

You should review these two shed building tips first before you even start building your backyard shed.

First, you need to pick that perfect backyard spot to build your new shed. Avoid sloping land areas and make certain that there aren’t any cables, wires, pipes running beneath it. Second, you’ll need to visit your local zoning and planning commission and show them your building plans. This way, you can be assured that you will have no problems with the authorities later on.

Now let’s start building that storage shed.

It is imperative that you do have all of your tools and materials ready before building your chosen shed. The wood, in fact, is your most single vital material. You also need tools like hammer, saw, nails, hinges, roof tacks, and shingles, etc.

Based on your plans, gather up all of your wood and cut all the pieces to the proper size.

If you’re employing a concrete foundation, prepare your cement.

With any type of storage shed structure, you always start and build from the bottom.

Start together with your floor deck moving on into your walls, windows, doors then on to your roof.

Make sure that your framing is secure and a solid stake is driven securely to the ground so that you have a sturdy post to attach your frame too.

Never skimp on nails or screws, make sure whatever fastener you use attach them securely to all parts of your wooden storage shed.

Try to wiggle or shake your walls to envision if they’re secure which there are no unwanted gaps. Any weak points should be strengthened.

Your roof ought to solely be designed to be strong and make certain that the framing is robust.

Choose a building material that will withstand the weather in your area. A metal roof is best in snowy areas.

If really necessary add more wood studs or posts as you want to make sure that your wood storage solid, secure, and sturdy. Remember, the bigger your shed is, the more pillars it would need.

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